Welcome to WildFlower Production, I'm Judith Gatesman, happily I've been producing print and motion for almost 2 decades. I could tell you the story of how I became to be where I am today, or I can get to the point and ask, what brings you here? Looking for a producer? Well, no need to look further. I'm really good at creating estimates and managing budgets. I know a whole lot of talented, dedicated folks to compliment any production. Need a studio or an awesome location? Indoors and out, across this amazing globe we tread upon I will get you that place you so desire. I cast all types of beings to be featured; two legged, four legged, furry, scaly or even ones that slither. You want something big, really big, with a whole lot of time, investment and creativity involved? I can handle that. You have something a bit more simple? I can handle that too. Need to travel? It just takes a few minutes to pack a bag and I'm a really good navigator. I'm very focused and serious about my job and don't like to waste time as I stick to the point to keep everything on track and moving forward - And through it all I'm actually pretty funny, very personable and surprisingly laid back for the role I play. I'm passionate about what I do, I'm sure that's why I do it.

The photos and motion on my site are produced by WildFlower Production (that's me and my associates), they're shot by some really talented people for some pretty cool companies, give me a call the old fashioned way, on a telephone and I'll tell you all about these great people I work with - that way we'll have the pleasure of meeting too. Or just call to tell me all about yourself and what brings you here. I'm okay with emails too, they're just not as enjoyable of talking on the phone for a first meeting.

Life should be filled with contentment, adventure and opportunity, so should a job. 

Located in Chicago and Los Angeles, with dedicated crews throughout the US, also working worldwide.


 Clients:   Abelson Taylor   ,   Animal Planet   ,   At Properties   ,   Def Jam Records   ,   Digitas   ,   Energy BBDO   ,   Euro RSCG   ,   FCB Foote   Cone & Belding,   Gyro    , Havas Worldwide, KM Global,  Looney Advertising   ,   Martin Williams   ,   McCann   ,   Ogilvy & Mather   ,   Otherwise   Inc.   ,   Pivot Design  , Roosevelt University,  SG360   ,   The Marketing Arm   ,   Tom   Dick & Harry Advertising   ,   Ubiquiti Networks   ,   UBISOFT   ,   University of Chicago Hospitals   ,   Upshot   ,  Wirestone   ,  Woedend!


Abelson Taylor , Animal Planet , At Properties , Def Jam Records , Digitas , Energy BBDO , Euro RSCG , FCB Foote Cone & Belding, Gyro , Havas Worldwide, KM Global, Looney Advertising , Martin Williams , McCann , Ogilvy & Mather , Otherwise Inc. , Pivot Design , Roosevelt University, SG360 , The Marketing Arm , Tom Dick & Harry Advertising , Ubiquiti Networks , UBISOFT , University of Chicago Hospitals , Upshot ,Wirestone ,Woedend!